A diary of Russian political activist

Monday 11 December 2006


This blog is aimed to describe the life of a political activist from Russia.


Anonymous said...

I see that you don't have any other comments yet, so I want to let you know that I'm reading. I'm very interested to learn about the political climates outside of the US, but I don't fully trust our journalists... so I value the opportunity to hear about it from someone first-hand.

Your article about the marijuana march in Moscow is both frightening and inspiring. I wish I could march alongside you... but my own country needs tending, too.

I hope you keep writing. And keep standing up for what you believe in. I'll keep reading.

-Michael Hall
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

mariasmirnova said...

Dear Michael!

Thank you for your interest in Russian politics and in my blog. This blog was created because of total censorship in Russia. It's aim is to tell people the truth about our "democracy". Of course I'll keep writing about the events in Russia. Unfortunately my knowledge of English is not perfect and I have to spend lots of time to write any article. That is why I don't write as frequently as I could. But I'll try to deal with the things that seem important for me, to write about Russian protest and the actions in which I took part.

It's very encouraging that you and may be some other people are interested in the things I do. Thank you for moral support.